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Ticket Prices 2018-2019
Ticket prices for 2018-2019 will be updated on this page once they have been released, however Arsenal have announced there will be no increases.

2017-18 Matchday Prices – Members

Cat A Cat B Cat C
Upper Tier
Centre Upper £95.50 £55.50 £38.50
Centre Upper Back £95.50 £55.50 £38.50
Next to Centre Upper £95.50 £55.50 £38.50
Next to Centre Upper Back £84 £49.50 £34.50
Wing Upper £84 £49.50 £34.50
Wing Upper Back £74.50 £43 £30.50
Corner Upper £84 £49.50 £34.50
Goal Upper £90 £52.50 £36.50
Goal Upper Back £74.50 £43 £30.50
Lower Tier
Centre Lower £70.50 £40 £28.50
Wing Lower £64 £36.50 £26
Corner Lower £64 £36.50 £26
Goal Lower £64 £36.50 £26
Family Enclosure – Lower Tier
Adult £64 £36.50 £26
Senior Citizen / Cannon Club £27.25 £16 £11.25
Junior Gunner £24 £10 £10
Family Enclosure – Upper Tier
Adult £84 £49.50 £34.50
Senior Citizen / Cannon Club £36.50 £21.50 £15
Junior Gunner £32.50 £19.50 £13.75

The match categories are ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’. Details of the categories of matches for 2018-2019:

Match categories (2018/19 to be confirmed)

Date (subject to change) Opposition Category


‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ categories are only applicable to home Premier League fixtures.

UEFA Europa League prices have their own categories depending on the stage of the competition. Please refer to for further information.

FA Cup tie prices vary depending on the round and opponent.

Pricing for the League Cup will be similar to previous seasons.

Match details for fixtures not confirmed above will be communicated in due course.

Based on last season the adult tickets we received were either £26.00 to £34.50 (grade C), £36.50 to £49.50 (grade B) or £64.00 to £84.00 (grade A), (or at prices in between) but this is subject to change.


Due to the ‘paper ticket’ system explained in the ‘Home Ticket Details’ page of this membership pack we have been advised there will be a small administration fee to pay. This is £1.00 per ticket if you are a silver/senior/junior/cannon club member and £2.00 per ticket if you do not hold one of these memberships. This is NOT included in the prices above. It is worth noting that if you had to apply yourself direct to AFC you would automatically incur higher admin fees than this.